Monday, July 13, 2009

Who's Now? 1st Round: Two of Canada’s Finest Exports Square Off


To start off this “Who’s Now” competition, we start with some controversy in the first showdown. The legacy of “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit will always be tainted to me (and many others) with the 2007 murder-suicide, but in this I’ll do my best to maintain a non-biased opinion regarding this face-off with another Canadian, Edge. We’ll be looking at different facets of the business to see who the better performer is.

Mic Skills: Benoit was never one to carry a feud with his talking skills. He usually did not need to; he’d get his point across and go onto battle. Edge, on the other hand, has proven to be one of the best talkers currently in the business. He can get over with the audience as both a face and now as a heel with his superb interviews.

Advantage: Edge

Wrestling Skill: The Rated-R Superstar is no slouch in the ring, usually getting good matches out of anyone and always puts a main event effort when the lights our on bright, going back to his tag team days with Christian. He would win against most performers, but against the Rabid Wolverine it is just not happening. Chris Benoit was one of the soundest technical wrestlers in history. His array of suplexes, submission holds, and selling are some of the finest I’ve ever seen.

Advantage: Chris Benoit

Finisher: To me, Benoit’s move-set was one of the best and his finishing maneuvers were no different. Both the diving head butt and the Crippler Crossface were some of the best. Edge has had numerous finishing moves over his career, but has the Spear as his main one. It’s quick and effective to use, but it is a finisher more suited for a bigger wrestler.

Advantage: Chris Benoit

Entrance Music:You think you know me…” The opening words and a great Alter Bridge song gives Edge an entrance that continues to fit him to a “T” for the past five years or so. His music, along with his fireworks display always brings out the energy and personality that is “Rated-R”. Benoit had a good riff from Our Lady Peace that showed his no-nonsense mentality, but he looked like a guy who could walk down the ramp with no music and still get the same reaction.

Advantage: Edge

Ring/Entrance Attire: The Wolverine usually came down to the ring with his tights and boots to no fanfare without any real change to attire besides a few color alterations and designs over the years. On the other hand Edge, with his trademark sunglasses and trench coat, always seems to have a fresh look every pay-per-view when it comes to ring attire.

Advantage: Edge

Overall, while Chris Benoit was the premier wrestler out of the two with a credible move-set and finishers, I feel that Edge wins out by being the all-around performer that Vince McMahon loves to promote; he can put together great main event matches, outstanding mic skills, and an entertaining personality.

Winner: Edge

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