Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Shooting Star Press

What is the Shooting Star Press?

Lets be honest. There are a ton of wrestling sites our there.

We here at the Shooting Star Press realize this. If you're an avid wrestling fan, you can name about five to ten sites that will tell you exactly the same thing. Backstage news, wrestling rumors, the works. But it's all the same stuff. We here at the SSP want to be different.

The Shooting Star Press will focus on editorials about pro wrestling today. Everyday will provide an interesting read. The SSP will primarily focus on WWE and TNA wrestling. This is because we see the WWE/TNA as the big leagues. If an independent wrestler makes news, we of course may cover him-- but again the focus will remain with the big time organizations.

Tomorrow we will begin posting and you will be able to truly see what we are made of. I hope you enjoy.

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